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The Lifecycle Sleuth ® is the most innovative solution for organizations producing large complex software solutions as it helps dramatically reduce the time, cost, waste, and risk to deliver them while increasing quality and satisfaction. The Lifecycle Sleuth provides these great opportunities by helping you quickly and easily model your software delivery approach and receiving real-time insights on potential waste, risks, and opportunities for improvement.

Using the Lifecycle Sleuth to model core activities like software engineering, testing, building, packaging, delivery, and post-delivery is the only way to quickly and easily establish software factories (an assembly line approach). Because the Lifecycle Sleuth utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a patent-pending technology influenced by Agile, Lean Manufacturing, and concepts like DevSecOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) your software factories will make a huge impact on individuals, teams, and the organization.

There are no like-tools on the market so you need to take advantage of this opportunity before your competitors do.


The Lifecycle Sleuth provides the ability to model Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC) so you can build and continually optimize Software Factories for all of your unique solution types (e.g. microservices, web apps, mobile apps, etc.).  Software Factories that consistently automate the building, testing, packaging, and delivery activities of an SDLC results in assembly line approach that produces higher quality solutions more quickly but with less waste and risk.

Less of This Stuff
More of This Stuff
Delays to MarketCustomer / Stakeholder Satisfaction
Total Cost of OwnershipOrganizational Trust
Recurring Cost of OwnershipQuality
RisksCode reliability
Delays with FeedbackCode maintainability
BugsAlignment to Architectural Standards
Reliance on DevSecOps and External TestersTeam productivity
Time to Attain / Retain Authority to Operate (ATO)


While Software Factories, of any maturity level, instantly add value, the Lifecycle Sleuth incorporates the Experienced Software Factory TM (ESF) concept so that teams are continually dedicating time to learn, experiment, and improve.  The Lifecycle Sleuth utilizes a patent-pending capability, known as the Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine (WORE), to auto-identify potential weaknesses in your model by analyzing its activities, tools, and behaviors as well as those that likely should be included.  Specifically, we provide real-time findings for financial cost, wasterisks, and opportunities for improvement.

The WORE is chic because it provides automated unbiased findings that align to your organization standards as well as industry best-practices.  However, what’s tres chic about the Lifecycle Sleuth is that it incorporates AI so you can learn about any type of activity or tool in your model.  Having personalized self-study opportunities, using AI, in the form of web links, white papers, videos, and images is an ideal way to optimize an ESF.



Influenced by Agile Principles and Values, Lean Principles, eXtreme Programming (XP), Software Factories, and DevSecOps concepts and practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery / Deployment, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Monitoring, the WORE is the only tool on the market that can quantify and qualify how you’re doing and how you can be doing.

This tool is so awesome that it can establish your organization and software solutions to be true market disruptors.   As an organizational transformation to Agile / DevSecOps requires years to realize and a huge investment you need the Lifecycle Sleuth to constantly provide high-impact insights and lightweight resolutions.  The choice is clear; get to market faster and realize a higher Return-on-Invest (ROI) with the Lifecycle Sleuth or rely on hope to eventually be on-time and on-budget.


Who BenefitsWhy This Solution Is Perfect for Them
CustomersMore frequent high-quality releases
DevOpsReduces complexity and support of pipelines
Enterprise ArchitectsProvides awareness on consistency of development and testing across all of the solutions
Quality AssuranceProvides an understanding on the type of testing across the environments
Release ManagementProvides greater confidence with releasability (services, apps, artifacts, data, etc.)
SecurityProvides awareness of security-based testing across the environments
Software TeamsAllows them to code more as non-coding activities can be eliminated, automated, and reduced (e.g. testing, delivering, releasing, etc.)
Solution ArchitectsProvides awareness on consistency of development and testing across services and apps within their solution
Your BossGives them less opportunity to harass you


For customers with data or reporting needs not yet within the Lifecycle Sleuth or wish to interact within their own custom applications, we have publicly available RESTful services.  Please note that we welcome all suggestion for improvement except the straight-up dumb ones e.g. make it backward compatible for the Commodore 64, support for RPG, etc.

Oh and because we believe in dog-fooding, these are the same services used within our awesome app.


Microsoft Cognitive Services

In order to improve your skillet and exploit the last practices, techniques, tools, etc. disruptiveOps leverages the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities by Microsoft with their Cognitive Services. Simply put, the more information we know about your practices, tools, techniques, etc. the better the results we can provide.

Not sure you are maximizing your efforts for high impact results? Contact Us so we can collaborate to enhance the application of AI.


While the Lifecycle Sleuth is easy to use, understanding what a high quality deployment pipeline looks like can be tough.  In addition to our awesome tool, we offer customized Agile & DevSecOps training & services for teams and organizations to help you reduce costs, risk, and waste while increasing efficiencies.

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