This service returns relevant information tables.

How to Implement

This service requires the users Tenant ID.

Example url: “”+ Your Tenant ID

BaseActivitiesCollectionList of Base Activities
BaseLocationsCollectionList of locations
BasePhasesCollectionList of Phases
BaseRatesCollectionList of Rates based on location
BaseRiskTypesCollectionList of Risk Types
BaseRoleTypesCollectionList of Role Types
BaseTeamTypeListCollectionList of Team Types
BaseWasteTypesCollectionList of Waste Types
DocumentsCollectionCollection of Legal Documents
GlossaryCollectionList of Glossary Terms
ISOCountryCodesCollectionList of Countries by their ISO codes
LikelyPhases4ActivitiesCollectionList of Phases likely associated with activities
PlanOfActionSequencesCollectionList of Plans of actions
PrinciplesValuesCollectionList of Principles and Values
EnvironmentTypesCollectionList of Environment Types
RiskDispositionImagesCollectionList of Risk Disposition Images

Base Locations

Base Locations allows you to capture are geographic information like county and location as well as default multipliers to provide better hourly rate adjustments for employees and contractors. Your organization can use custom multipliers to adjust hourly rates, or use the defaults values.

AbbreviationString(32)Key for this location
ISOCountryCode3String(3)Country code for this location
CountryNameStringFull name of country
EmployeeMultiplierNumberMultiplier * base rate for employees
ConsultantMultiplierNumberMultiplier * base rate for contractor
LastUpdatedTimeDate/TimeWhen location details were last updated

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Base Phases

Base Phases are all Phases of the Software Development Lifecycle.


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Base Risk Types

This property provides the Risk Types used by our solution.

AbbreviationStringName of Risk
ContextStringContext of Risk
ExamplesStringExamples of Risk

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Base Role Types

This property contains the typical business and technical roles within an organization.

AbbreviationString(16)Abbreviation for this role
TitleStringDescriptive title of role
RoleTypeStringRole, Group, Thing
DescriptionStringNotes with expectation of role
LastUpdatedTimeDate/TimeWhen location details were last updated
ImageStringBase 64 encoding of Default Image for this role

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Base Team Types

This property contains Base Team Types.

AbbreviationStringTeam Abbreviation
TitleStringFull Name of Team Type
DescriptionStringDescription of Team Type
NotesStringNotes about Team Type
ImageStringBase 64 encoding of default image for this team
CategoryStringCategory that this team belongs to.

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Base Waste Types

This property provides the Waste Types, according to Lean, used by our solution.

AbbreviationString(24)Waste Type Abbreviation
TitleStringDescriptive title of waste types
DescriptionStringNotes about this waste type
MitigationNotesStringNote about how to mitigate this waste
HelpLinkStringLink to Clearly Agile help about waste type
LastUpdatedTimeDate/TimeWhen details were last updated
ImageStringBade64 Encoding of the Default Image for this Waste Type

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This property contains the documents associated with the product e.g. Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statement, etc..

AbbreviationStringKey to identify document
TextContentStringHTML content of document

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This property contains a glossary of terms.

TermStringTerm name
DefinitionStringDefinition of term
SourceStringName of source for term
SourceURLStringLink to source
CommonTermStringName that links this Term with others that are similar

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ISO Country Codes

This property contains the standard ISO Country Codes.

ISOCountryCode3String(3)Three character ISO country code
CountryNameStringFull name of country
StatesCollectionList of states or provinces that belong to a country

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Likely Phases 4 Activities

This property contains a lookup of phases commonly associated with activities.

ActivityStringName of Activity
LikelyPhaseStringName of phase likely associated with the activity

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Plan of Action

This property contains plans of action.

PlanOfActionStringName of plan of action.
DescriptionStringDescription of this plan of action.

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Planning Levels

This property contains a list of Planning Levels.

AbbreviationStringName of Planning Level
DescriptionStringDescription of Planning Level

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State Province

This property contains the list of states / provinces for countrys the product is currently supporting.

CodeString(2)Two character state/province code
TitleStringName of state or province

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Risk Disposition Images

This property contains the list of Risk Disposition Images.

AbbreviationStringName of image
ImageStringBase 64 encoding of image

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