This API returns all information about a specific model.

How to Implement

This service requires an Organization’s Tenant ID as well as a specific Model owned by that organization.

Example URL: “”+Your Tenant ID+”&ModelNo=”+Your Model Number

ModelNameStringName of the model
ModelTypeStringType of model
StatusCodeStringAS-IS, TO-BE, Draft (default)
NotesStringNotes about the model
SolutionNameStringApplication the model is associated with
ReadOnlyBooleanModel is read Only, no updates allowed
ShowCostsBooleanShould model display include cost information?
PhasesCollectionList of phases in model
TasksCollectionAll tasks in model
RolesCollectionList of roles assigned to model activities
Risk_SummaryRisk_SummarySummary of risks
Opportunities_SummaryOpportunity_SummarySummary of opportunities found in model
Waste_SummaryWaste_SummarySummary of waste types found in model
WOREResultsWORE_ResultList of results generated by the WORE
OwnerUserUser who owns the Model
SnapshotCollectionA summary of information regarding the model

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This property is a collection of phases for a given model.

SequenceIntPhase's sequence within model
PhaseTypeStringBase type of phase
NotesStringNotes about this phase
DescriptionStringDescription of this phase
ExpectedActivitiesStringTypical activities performed in phase
TotalTimeStringTotal time of all activities in phase
TotalCostStringTotal cost of all activities in phase
ActivitiesCollectionList of all activities occurring in this phase
TasksCollectionList of all tasks associated with activities in phase
PeopleCollectionList of all people performing activities in phase
RolesCollectionList of all roles performing activities in phase

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Waste Summary

This property returns summaries of waste for a given model.

ActivitiesIntNumber of activities with waste
Time_SavingsStringAmount of time saved if eliminated waste
Cost_SavingsStringMoney saved if eliminated waste

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Risk Summary

This property returns summaries of waste for a given model.

ResolvedIntNumber of resolved risks
OwnedIntNumber of “owned” risks
AcceptedIntNumber of accepted risk
MitigatedIntNumber of risks that were mitigated
Not_CategorizedIntRisks that have not yet been categorized
TotalIntSum of all risk categories

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Opportunities Summary

This property returns summaries of opportunities for improvement for a given model .

ActivitiesIntTotal number of activites
Time_SavingsStringHow much time could be saved
Cost_SavingsStringHow much money could be saved
Potential_ImprovementsIntNumber of potential improvements
Risk_AddressIntNumber of risks address if opportunities are implemented

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This property is a collection of the activities for a given model .

SequenceIntOrder of activity within phase
Base_ActivityStringType of activity (from Base Activities)
TitleStringShort title of activity
NotesStringDetails notes about activity
Best_CaseIntBest time (minutes) of activity
Typical_CaseIntTypical case in minutes
Worst_CaseIntWorst case in minutes
Is_RequiredBooleanIs this activity required?
Is_AutomatedBooleanIs this activity automated
Activity_ActorsCollectionList of people, groups, things performing this activity.
Waste_TypeStringWaste Type (or NONE) activity is
TasksCollectionTasks associated with this activity

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The Actors collection contains the Person or People that are performing the activity.

PersonIDIntegerUnique ID for person
UserIDIntegerPerson's ID for log in info, if it exists
PreferredNameStringName user prefers to go by
PrimaryEmailStringPrimary e-mail, usually within domain
SecondaryEmailStringA second e-mail for this user
WorkNumberStringPrimary contact phone number
CellNumberStringContact cell number
HomeNumberStringContact home phone number
PreferredPhoneTypeStringCell, Home, Work
LocationAbbreviationBase_LocationGeographical area where this person works from.
OfficeLocationIntegerName of Office that this person reports to
IsActiveBoolean1 if User is Enabled, else 0
ImageStringBase64 Encoding of the Image for this Person
DefaultHourlyRateDecimalPerson's Default Hourly Rate
RemotePercentageDecimalPercent of time spent working remotely

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For every risk, opportunity, or waste detected, a task is created. These tasks allow a person and/or group to resolve the issue.

TaskIDIntNumber of Task
TitleStringOne line description of task
NotesStringNotes about the task
PhaseStringPhase type task relates to
ActivityStringTask is associated with particular activity (optional, some “tasks” apply to the entire phase or the entire model)
StatusStringStatus of task, such as NEW, Mitigated, Resolved, etc.
ActorsCollectionList of actors (people, groups, things) responsible for working on the task.
ExpectedStartDateDate/TimeDate/time when work is expected to start
StartingDateDate/TimeDate/time when work on the task started
LastUpdatedTimeDate/TimeLast time task information was updated
ExpectedCompletionDateDate/TimeWhen it is expected the task will be completed
ActualCompletionDateDate/TimeActual date/time the task was completed
TaskTypeInt1 if Risk, 2 if Opportunity

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WORE Result

The results generated by the WORE

CategoryStringCategory of Principle or Value. i.e. Agile, DevOps, etc..
DescriptionStringDescription of Principle or Value
isValueBooleanTrue if Value, False if Principle

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