This API returns a list of each Model that a User has access to.

How to Implement

This service requires an Organization’s Tenant ID as well as a UserID.

Example URL: “”+Your Tenant ID+”&UserID=”+Your User ID+”&ProductCode=LS&Filter=0″

ModelNameStringName of the model
ModelTypeStringType of model
StatusCodeStringAS-IS, TO-BE, Draft (default)
NotesStringNotes about the model
SolutionNameStringApplication the model is associated with
ReadOnlyBooleanModel is read Only, no updates allowed
ShowCostsBooleanShould model display include cost information?
PhasesCollectionList of phases in model
TasksCollectionAll tasks in model
RolesCollectionList of roles assigned to model activities
Risk_SummaryRisk_SummarySummary of risks
Opportunities_SummaryOpportunity_SummarySummary of opportunities found in model
Waste_SummaryWaste_SummarySummary of waste types found in model
WOREResultsWORE_ResultList of results generated by the WORE
OwnerUserUser who owns the Model
SnapshotCollectionA summary of information regarding the model

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