This service returns information about the organization.

How to Implement

This service requires an Organization’s Tenant ID.

Example URL: “”+ Your Tenant ID

TenantIDStringUnique ID for this organization
LegalNameStringLegal name
DoingBusinessAsStringAlternate DBA name (defaults to legal name)
OrganizationTypeStringBusiness | Government | Non-profit
ImageStringBase64 Encoding of Organization Image
Address1StringStreet address
Address2StringSecond line
StateProvinceString(2)2 character state or province code
PostalCodeString(10)Postal code
PhoneNumberStringLocation primary phone number
EmailStringOrganization Email
InternetStringInternet site for this location
DomainStringDomain name associated with location
DescriptionStringGeneral Description of organization
ISOCountryCodeString(3)Country code for this organization
CountryNameStringFull name of country
GoogleMapsURLStringURL to display static map of organization
IntranetStringInternal intranet URL at organization
LastUpdatedTimeDate/TimeWhen organization was last updated
BuildObjectThe Continuous Integration set up for the organization
ContinuousIntegrationObjectThe Build set up for the organization
ContractsCollectionList of Contracts belonging to an Organization
DeliveryAndDeploymentCollectionList of DeliveryAndDeployment configurations belonging to the Organization
DevelopmentToolsLibrariesCollectionList of Development Tools Libraries
EnvironmentsCollectionList of Environments belonging to the Organization
LocationsCollectionList of locations associated with organization
ProductsCollectionClearly Agile product codes organization has
PeopleCollectionList of persons associated with organization
TeamsCollectionList of teams this organization has
UsersCollectionList of users associated with this organization
Global SettingsCollectionGlobal Settings for Organization
ActivityActorsCollectionList of teams responsible for various activities within Environments and Delivery & Deployment Configurations

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This property is a collection of locations associated with an organization.

NameStringName of Location
Address1StringAddress Line 1
Address2StringAddress Line 2
StateProvinceString2 Character ISO code for the State or Province
PostalCodeStringZIP/Postal Code of location
CityStringName of City
ISOCountryCode3String3 Character ISO Code for Country
PrimaryContactPersonThe Primary Contact for this Location

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This property is a collection of teams associated with the organization.

TeamIDIntTeam ID Number
AbbreviationStringTeam Type Abbreviation
TeamNameStringName of this team
TeamMembersCollectionList of people/roles in this team
TeamFrameworkString(Unknown, Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan, eXtreme Programming)
NotesStringGeneral notes about this team
DescriptionStringDescription of this team
LastUpdatedTimeDate/TimeWhen team details were last updated
IsSharedBooleanIs a shared service team
ImageStringAvatar for team
OfficeIDIntOffice associated with this team
LocationAbbreviationStringBase Location associated with this team
IsActiveBooleanTrue if team is active

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Team Members

This property is a collection of that contains the members of each team.

PersonIDIntegerPerson perform role on team
TeamRoleStringRole this person performs on team
HourlyRateDecimalHourly rate for this person
DedicationPercentNumberPercentage of work dedicated to team
IsLeadBooleanIs this TeamMember a team lead
PreferredNameStringPreferred Name of the Person Associated with this TeamMember

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This property is a collection of actual people associated with the organization.

PersonIDIntegerUnique ID for person
UserIDIntegerPerson's ID for log in info, if it exists
PreferredNameStringName user prefers to go by
PrimaryEmailStringPrimary e-mail, usually within domain
SecondaryEmailStringA second e-mail for this user
WorkNumberStringPrimary contact phone number
CellNumberStringContact cell number
HomeNumberStringContact home phone number
PreferredPhoneTypeStringCell, Home, Work
LocationAbbreviationBase_LocationGeographical area where this person works from.
OfficeLocationIntegerName of Office that this person reports to
IsActiveBoolean1 if User is Enabled, else 0
ImageStringBase64 Encoding of the Image for this Person
DefaultHourlyRateDecimalPerson's Default Hourly Rate
RemotePercentageDecimalPercent of time spent working remotely

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This property is a collection of products used by the organization.  Currently – only the Lifecycle Sleuth is available.

ProductCodeStringShort code for this product
TitleStringTitle of the product

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This property is a collection of users who have signed into the Lifecycle Sleuth.  A user is a person who has a login user-id to the Lifecycle Sleuth application. The User ID is associated with a person in the organization. The Lifecycle Sleuth Models contains a list of the models that this particular user has access to..

UserIDIntUnique User ID for person
PersonIDIntUnique ID used to reference Person Table with Information about this User
UserNameStringUsername associated with user
ImageStringName of Avatar File
IsActiveString1 if User is enabled
IsProductAdministratorString1 if User is a System Administrator
CanViewFinancialsString1 if User has permission to view Financial Information
BaseLocationStringLocation Key for the Base Location of this User
FirstNameStringFirst name of user
LastNameStringSurname of user
TokenStringUnique token used to identify current session
TenantIDStringTenant ID of organization that this user belongs to
PreferredNameStringPreferred name of user
PhoneNumberStringPhone number of user
PrimaryEmailStringPrimary Email address of this user
SecondaryEmailStringSecondary Email address of this user

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Global Setting

This property is a collection of settings specific to the Organization

SettingNameStringName of setting
SettingValueStringValue of Setting

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