This API returns Tasks associated with a model

How to Implement

This service requires an Organization’s Tenant ID as well as a Model.

Example URL: “http://www.clearlyagilelab.com/ca/api/tasks?TenantID=Your Tenant ID&ModelNo=Your Model ID

TaskIDIntNumber of Task
TitleStringOne line description of task
NotesStringNotes about the task
PhaseStringPhase type task relates to
ActivityStringTask is associated with particular activity (optional, some “tasks” apply to the entire phase or the entire model)
StatusStringStatus of task, such as NEW, Mitigated, Resolved, etc.
ActorsCollectionList of actors (people, groups, things) responsible for working on the task.
ExpectedStartDateDate/TimeDate/time when work is expected to start
StartingDateDate/TimeDate/time when work on the task started
LastUpdatedTimeDate/TimeLast time task information was updated
ExpectedCompletionDateDate/TimeWhen it is expected the task will be completed
ActualCompletionDateDate/TimeActual date/time the task was completed
TaskTypeInt1 if Risk, 2 if Opportunity

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