User Info

This property contains information pertaining to specific users.

How to Implement

This service requires an Organization’s Tenant ID as well as a specific user’s username.

Example URL: “”+Your Tenant ID+”&UserName=”+Your Username

UserIDIntUnique User ID for person
PersonIDIntUnique ID used to reference Person Table with Information about this User
UserNameStringUsername associated with user
ImageStringName of Avatar File
IsActiveString1 if User is enabled
IsProductAdministratorString1 if User is a System Administrator
CanViewFinancialsString1 if User has permission to view Financial Information
BaseLocationStringLocation Key for the Base Location of this User
FirstNameStringFirst name of user
LastNameStringSurname of user
TokenStringUnique token used to identify current session
TenantIDStringTenant ID of organization that this user belongs to
PreferredNameStringPreferred name of user
PhoneNumberStringPhone number of user
PrimaryEmailStringPrimary Email address of this user
SecondaryEmailStringSecondary Email address of this user

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