With a set of awesome core capabilities and a collection of unique optional features, the Lifecycle Sleuth will give you the ability to gain a complete view of your software delivery process. To ensure effectiveness, changes to how you work are constantly analyzed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our patent-pending technology, the Waste, Opportunities for Improvement, and Risks Engine (WORE), so you get real-time high-impact insights and lightweight suggestive enhancements.

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Software Factories

  • Document your current software pipelines to identify waste, opportunities for improvement, and risks
  • Model TO-BE software pipelines to reduce waste, risk, and cost before implementation
  • Utilize task management to continually plan and improve
  • Utilize real-time insights to help prioritize improvement efforts


  • Bring clarity on how the organization is delivering value
  • Provide shared understanding of compliance and regulatory requirements that may affect what you are delivering
  • Document governance across the organization (enterprise, portfolio, program, product, project, and team)
  • Document governance in an easy to use structured approach (artifacts, metrics, roles, teams, and events/meetings, and processes/techniques)
  • Utilize the RACI approach to provide clarity for Artifacts, Meetings, and Metrics
  • Utilize AI for on-demand learning
  • Automated analysis using the WORE to provide insights for improvements
  • Automated content moderation to ensure professionalism

Core Functionality

  • Ability to Export (CSV, HTML5, PDF)
  • Utilize secure microservice (APIs) for interoperation with your other systems
  • Use the best glossary of words & terms used with the Agile, Lean, and Kanban communities
  • Develop you own common language