Core Functionality

Best Glossary Ever!

To help establish a common language, Lifecycle Sleuth includes a capability to build your own glossary. Additionally, we have included the glossary of organizations and popular framework so you can more leverage them as needed too. Below are the organizations and frameworks included.

Export Your Data

It is your data, use it how you like. Lifecycle Sleuth can export all your data to these popular formats.

Yes, You Can Rest

For customers with data or reporting needs not yet within the Lifecycle Sleuth or wish to interact within their own custom applications, we have publicly available RESTful services.

Please note that we welcome all suggestion for improvement except the straight-up dumb ones e.g. make it backward compatible for the Commodore 64, support for RPG, etc.

Oh, and because we believe in dog-fooding, these are the same services used within our awesome app.

Improving with Artificial Intelligence

In order to improve your skillet and exploit the last practices, techniques, tools, etc. disruptiveOps leverages the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities by Microsoft with their Cognitive Services. Simply put, the more information we know about your practices, tools, techniques, etc. the better the results we can provide.

Not sure you are maximizing your efforts for high impact results? Contact Us so we can collaborate to enhance the application of AI.

Under the Influence?

The Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine (WORE) allows the Lifecyle Sleuth to be the only tool on the market that can quantify and qualify how you’re doing and how you can be doing.

The patent-pending WORE is Influenced by Agile Principles and Values, Lean Principles, eXtreme Programming (XP), Software Factories, and DevSecOps concepts and practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery / Deployment, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Monitoring.