Get Less Dumb

Whether you are just checking out the Lifecycle Sleuth, starting to use it, or have deep experience with its awesomeness, we are here to provide the training, coaching, or professional services to optimize your efforts and results.  Below, we have also included links for on-demand learning and what we feel are authoritative links.


Over the years, it has been our observation that organizations simply do not understand how to most effectively document all of the steps in their life cycle simply because of the complexities and continually increasing scope of activities to take something from ideation to post-production.

To solve this problem, we offer training and workshop opportunities to start realizing benefits immediately.


While you an use the Lifecycle Sleuth independent from us, we advise an active coaching engagement to help you build the first few models and then scale back to a role that mainly consists of providing actionable feedback.

Your investment upfront will provide the quickest return on investment.

Professional Services

For organizations that do not have the available resources to document, educate, and communicate the change of roles, responsibilities, processes, and tools to optimize your life cycles, we do.

We offer short-term engagements with our Lifecycle Architects to collaborate with your leadership, management, and Subject Matter Experts to provide impactful and risk adverse change process.

Help with the APIs

Our RESTful API page contains information on the usage and suggested practices to integrate our services with your custom built solutions.  The links below are sites and authors we believe are authoritative.

HTTPHTTP OverviewWorld-Wide Web Consortium (W3C)The W3C interpretation of the HTTP protocol
JavaScriptJavaScript OverviewCode SchoolGreat overview with videos
JSONJSON APIA specification for building APIs in JSON
RESTful TutorialREST API TutorialPearson eCollegeVideo tutorial about the REST architecture

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What browsers are supported for the coolest app ever?
We support the supported browsers from Microsoft Edge, Google (Chrome), and Apple (Safari).

Do I need to install anything?
No, our app is web-based so you simply need an internet connection and an account. However, if you export data then you will an either a local or web-based application that can open a CSV document.

If we inactivate our account will the data be there when we reactivate it?
We will retain your data for up to five (5) years.

Do you take suggestions for improvement?
Absolutely, please Bother Us with your opinions

Do you integrate with other software products?
We have plans to integrate with development and DevOps tools as customers demand so we can reduce your administrative burden to document how they are configured and used.

How can I recover my password for the Lifecycle Sleuth?
Go to