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Establish true lightweight governance to reduce cultural and communication chaos within your organization today. 

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Governance Across the Organization

Walter is required for any organization developing large complex software solutions as he provides the ability to easily document and analyze governance to deliver faster and better.   

The idea of Walter was sparked from the System Thinking approach as we discovered an organization pattern of planning levels and operational aspects across all popular team and multi-team frameworks. 

Evolutionary Planning Pattern 

Walter discovered the Evolutionary Planning Pattern (EPP) EPP after years of experience helping government and commercial customers transition from Waterfall to evolutionary delivery of products and services.

Walter now use this pattern to identify key aspects within each planning level, so the organization has clarity of operational and oversight expectations. 

As context matters for each framework, the levels in EPP are arbitrary.  However, when used there is an implied relationship with portfolios and programs.  A program is simply a way to associate products, projects, and teams to a common cause or investment.  A portfolio is simply a collection of programs to a common cause or investment. 

Governance Aspect Pattern

Walter discovered the Governance Aspect Pattern (GAP) after years of transformation experience with the popular evolutionary frameworks. This pattern provides clarification and understanding more quickly across the organization. This provides phenomenal opportunities to lean processes, reduce waste and risks, while delivering with higher quality at less cost.

Additional, within each governance aspects, Walter incorporates the RACI technique (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) to create greater clarity for ownership, synchronization, and coordination. The result is a win-win for team members because they know what is expected of them and leadership because they get a sense of how everything is to operate.

Summarize the intent and basic operational approach for each type of team e.g. Development, UX, DevSecOps, Business Analysts, etc. 

Summarize the intent and basic expectations for each type of role e.g. Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Tester, Business Analyst, etc. 

Summarize the intent and basic operational approach for each type of event e.g. Daily Stand Up, Sprint Planning, Peer Review, etc. 

Summarize the intent and expectations on the use of each unique measure and metric e.g. Burndown, Burnup, Cumulative Flow, Velocity, Performance, Auditability, etc. 

Summarize the intent and expectations on the use of each unique artifact e.g. User Story, feature, bug, solution diagram, use case, etc.

Describe operational approaches, concepts, processes, and techniques. 

Start with Where You Are

It is all too common for organizations developing large complex solutions to select a framework simply because they assume it is necessary. In addition, most organizations still have leaders and managers who favor prescriptive processes rather than embracing the Agile-mindset to create a culture of learning.

This combination leads organizations to implement approaches focused more on the prescription than the cures actually needed to improve workflow. By exploiting Walter’s knowledge, organizations can easily utilize and align with the most popular delivery frameworks while gaining insights on how to work better immediately.

While Walter can accommodate popular team and multi-team frameworks, he also allows you to utilize and enhance YOUR custom approach.

No matter your approaches, Walter will analyze it using a our patent-pending Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine (WORE). This analysis will seek to provide improvements on how you are operating.

Build From Popular Team Frameworks!

Within a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, Walter can build you a lightweight governance framework that aligns to any of the most popular team frameworks

eXtreme Programming


Build From Popular Multi-Team Frameworks!

Walter is a must for organizations implementing multi-team approaches for large complex solutions as it already contains templates for popular scaling frameworks like those shown on the right.

However, if you have naturally scaled over time, Walter is still a must have tool as he will provide real-time considerations to bring greater clarity and potential improvements.

Because Walter understands each organization is unique and complex in its own way, he allows you to build a framework of frameworks to accommodate how you work. For example, an organization has establish a multi-team framework that then references several different team frameworks.

Meet Compliance & Regulatory Requirements 

Walter is ideal for organizations that need to meet compliance and regulatory requirements because they can be documented within your frameworks for shared understanding.

Once shared understanding is achieved the organization simply collaborates on the minimal additional governance like metrics, roles, artifacts, and concepts to meet these needs.