On-Demand Learning

“82% of organizations experience significant difficulty in exploring and understanding content in a timely manner.”

Harvard Business Review

For organizations using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature, users to receive on-demand training that is relevant and impactful.  Your teammates will have access to weblinks, white papers, images, videos, and blog articles relevant to the teams, roles, metrics, events, artifacts, and concepts within their given frameworks so they can quickly improve.

We utilize Microsoft Bing Search Services to offer organizations the ability to discover untapped opportunities by leverage on-demand learning capabilities. This enables team members within your organization to deepen their knowledge of things that matter most like people, processes, and tools anywhere anytime. Consequently, it will help team members better understand and shape their roles within the team and organization as a whole.

Behind the scenes, disruptiveOps utilizes Microsoft’s Bing Statistics Add-On to provides analytics on users searches. These statistics provide insights that can then be used to enhance our products, training, and ultimately more value to you.

What You Get

  • Basic keyword or metadata search
  • Usage and search analytics
  • Targeted improvement plan