Professional Services

For organizations that do not have the available resources to document, educate, and communicate the change of roles, responsibilities, processes, and tools to optimize your life cycles, we do.

At disruptiveOps, we offer additional training and services that can be tailored to your organization to help you optimize your efforts and results immediately.


We offer an array of Agile-focused training and certifications across different types of skillsets. 


Fast-paced, high energy interactive training that focuses on YOUR organization.  


Have an expert by your side to help you achieve outcomes that are important to your organization. 

Additional Engagement

While you can use the Lifecycle Sleuth independent from us, we advise an active engagement to help you build out exactly what you need so you start seeing results immediately.

Quick Start program: We will handle the majority of your onboarding process.

  • Collaborate with your organization
  • Configure the application to get you started
  • Import data

Active Coaching: We offer part-time or full time Agile-Lean Coaching to help you with the cultural transformation.

  • Collaborate with your organization’s leadership and Agilists.
  • Help develop improvement plans based on your organization’s strategy, goals, and needs.
  • Build first few models.
  • Provide actionable feedback.
  • Review manually created data to improve information integrity and User Experience.

Your investment upfront will provide the quickest return on investment.