The Old Investment

We have a five-step investment model to provide ultimate flexibility to meet your needs. 

  1. Choose and Edition
  2. Choose to Exploit Artificial Intelligence
  3. Choose the Initial Training that Best Fits Your Needs
  4. Choose and Engagement Model
  5. Contact Us

Step 1 – Choose an Edition

We want you to be successful so no matter which edition you choose, you get all of the great features.  The primary difference between the editions are the number of planing levels (teams, programs, portfolios, and enterprise). Please know that whatever edition you choose can be changed to meet future needs.

Maximum PortfoliosNoneNone1Unlimited
Maximum ProgramsNone1UnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum Teams10UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Unlimited Roles
Unlimited Events
Unlimited Metrics
Unlimited Artifacts
Maximum Governance Frameworks
Automated Analysis Using the WORE per changeYesYesYesYes
Automated Content ModerationYesYesYesYes
Ability to Export (Excel, CSV, HTML5, PDF)YesYesYesYes
Glossary of Most Popular Words & TermsYesYesYesYes
APIs UsageYesYesYesYes
Monthly Investment$149$500$1,000$5,000

Please note that we offer a 10% discount for yearly subscriptions and an additional 10% discount if you subscribe to any of our other awesome tools like the Lifecycle Sleuth or Lagging Insights.

Step 2 – Choose to Exploit Artificial Intelligence

To truly make an impact we highly encourage subscribers to also utilize the AI for on-demand learning as well as continuous use of textual analytics to truly understand your governance frameworks.

On-Demand Learning

Walter provides opportunities for users to receive on-demand learning with a simple click of an icon on most forms. Exploiting AI is incredible opportunity for users to understand or explore topics on how they are working or may decide to work. Because Walter knows about your role and governance framework, he auto-magically provides context-based information for the AI services to produce the most relevant information possible in the form of web links, news, white papers, images, and videos..

Allowing users to attain context-based learning anywhere – anytime and on any device increases opportunities to improve more quickly while driving down cost. Your investment in this awesome opportunity is just $10 a month per 1,000 (on-demand) searches. Note that this opportunity requires a one (1) month commitment but can be stopped at anytime.

Text Analytics

Adding Text Analytics provides Walter the ability to systematically analyze your frameworks with consistency but without biases that we as humans would make consciously or unconsciously. The table below summarizes the value you will receive with your frameworks.

Language DetectionAuto-identifies use of a language other than your corporate standardHaving a unified and common language is a key element for organizations to efficiently synchronize and coordinate.

Walter includes real-time insights for language usage so our teams can quickly update any text to your corporate language standard.
Writing SentimentAuto-identifies writing sentiment as positive, neutral, or negativeEmpirical evidence suggest that humans have a greater chance of comprehension with writings in a positive or neutral tone. There is also increasing evidence that AI services do better with non-negative tones.

Walter includes real-time insights for the tone in the descriptions of your governance frameworks (teams, roles, metrics, events, artifacts and concepts) to increase readability and comprehension for your entire organization.
Key PhrasesAuto-identifies entities with the framework to establish list of key phrasesExtracting key phrases in unstructured text is the great way to auto-detect main points (topics) without biases.

Walter includes real-time insights that provides an opportunity for users to understand what the framework creators appear to care about most (topics). Generally, topics mentioned the most are what need the greatest socialization and clarity across the organization in order to increase operational effectiveness.

Step 3 – Choose the Initial Training That Best Fits Your Needs

While Walter is simple to use it still requires some level of training in order to fully take advantage of its awesome features. Our initial training is FREE but varies depending on whether your organization is a monthly or yearly subscriber. We can provide follow-on training but we have observed that the train-the-trainer approach is often best for organizations. Whatever you chose, we are here to support your organization.

Typically, our training is delivered remotely but we can certainly discuss doing so on-site. If delivered in person, we suggest ~2 days so we provide training and workshops to build an effective governance framework.

SubscriptionTotal SessionsTotal Hours

Step 4 – Choose an Engagement Model

We recognize that within organizations there are varying levels of maturity so we are here to provide the training, consulting, and coaching needed to support the Agile-Lean cultural transformation.

No matter what engagement model you choose, we invest time to systemically and manually analysis your data and metrics to get insights on where Walter can be improved. We are always seeking ways to enhance data entry, automated findings, and more impactful insights.

Passive Engagement

With the Passive Engagement model, our team of Data Scientists, User Experience Specialists, and Agile-Lean Coaches, will periodically analyze how your organization is using Walter so we can continually improve it. This is a free service with all improvements being free.

Active Engagement

Our Active Engagement model includes the same benefits of the Passive Engagement model as well as either part-time or full-time virtual Agile-Lean Coaches to help you with the cultural transformation. As well, we provide a dedicated Customer Success Advocate (CSA) to continually monitor and provide feedback for your continual improvement with Walter and cultural transformation.

Embedded Engagement

Everything in the Active Engagement service plus onsite or virtual full-time consultant(s) to help with the cultural transformation. As an additional benefit, we offer a 50% discount on whatever edition you have.

Enhanced logic to auto-identify new cases of Waste, Opportunities for Improvement, and Risks
      Trends on opportunities for improvement
      Trends on anti-patterns
      Changes to regulatory / compliance requirements
      Changes to popular development frameworks
      Observations and Findings
Review of manually created data to improve information integrity and User Experience
      Opportunities for Improvement
Dedicated Customer Success Advocate
Quarterly Review & Recommendation Workshops
On-site Engagement with Leadership and Agilists
Get to Hang With Us Cool Kids

Step 5 – Contact Us

We recognize no two organizations operate the same so we require an initial conversation to understand organizational needs and constraints in order to best serve you. Simply contact us and we will reply with some possible dates and times and a list of topics we will be asking about.

Within the Washington DC metropolitan area, we prefer our first meeting to be in person but can of course accommodate virtually, or mixed. For those outside of the DC area, we generally meet virtually but of course are open to travel if it makes sense for both of us.