The Investment

We offer a simple four-step investment model to provide you the ultimate in flexibility.  Select the edition based on your organizational size and your preferred engagement model.

Step 1 – Choose an Edition

We want you to be successful so no matter what edition you choose you get all of the great features.  The primary difference between the editions are the number of teams and solutions you can model. Please see the table below for your monthly investment.

Maximum Users151050100Unlimited
Maximum Teams1525UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum Models52550UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
APIs UsageNoNoYesYesYesYes

Step 2 – Determine if You Want to Exploit Artificial Intelligence

Providing the ability for teammates to self-learn is a good way continually improve.  Utilizing AI to provide content (web links, articles, videos, etc.) centered around  how the team is currently working (tools, processes, frameworks, etc.) is the optimal way to continually improve.

The AI investment is simply a flat $25 service fee per month and then $14 for every 1,000 requests thereafter.

Step 3 – Identify How To Get Started

While our application is easy to navigate, the theories and concepts behind it (Agile, Lean, SOLID, DevOpsSec, Continual Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Monitoring,  Continuous Testing, etc.) are much often not known or misunderstood.  To quickly attain Return-On-Investment (ROI), we provide training for your leadership, technical leads, and those who will be responsible to maintain and monitor it.  The training is a full day but is designed in such a way that each section is role-based so that those cannot attend the entire time can at least learn what is vital for them.

To expedite ROI, we highly suggest our two-day Getting Started Workshop where we work hand-in-hand to start documenting the vital information to immediately get feedback on waste, risks, and opportunities for improvement.  For organizations that prefer to simply let us capture the data and build the models, we an do that too.

Training Day$2,000Assumes we have an Internet connection and a room large enough to accommodate students
Getting Started Workshop$2,000Per Day
Additional Days$1,000Per Day, Per Person


Step 4 – Select an Engagement Model

We have engagement models to best meet your immediate needs and budget.  Our Passive model comes at no cost but does not include any ongoing analysis from Software Lifecycle Expert (SLE).  Our Active model is often the best choice for customers as we dedicate a Customer Success Advocate (CSA) and a SLE to answer your questions and provide quarterly reviews and recommendations for improvement.  For customers just getting started, we offer the Embedded Model where you get a dedicate CSA as well as dedicated SLEs and Agile / Lean / DevOps coaches.

We recognize each organization needs vary over time so we will work with you to determine hourly and monthly investments with SLEs and Agile / Lean / DevOps Coaches.  No matter what engagement model you select, contact us if you unexpectedly need help so we can work something out.  Below

Engagement ModelMonthly InvestmentComment
PassivenoneCSA not available but don’t hesitate to contact us anyway!
Active$ 2,500CSA available as needed
SLEs available for up to 8 hours
Embedded* Market RatesCSA available as needed
Depends on location, desired skillet, and duration

The table below indicates the services generally available for each engagement model.

Ability to Provide Suggestions for Improvement
Dedicated Customer Success Advocate
Dedicated Software Lifecycle Expert
Quarterly Review & Recommendation Events
Dedicated Agile / Lean / DevOpsSec Coach(es)
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