The Investment

We offer a two-step investment model which include the ultimate in flexibility to meet your needs.  Select the edition based on your organizational size and your preferred engagement model.

Step 1 – Choose an Edition

We want you to be successful so no matter what edition you choose you get all of the great features.  The primary difference between the editions are the number of teams and solutions you can model.

Maximum Teams13UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum Models552550100Unlimited
APIs UsageNoNoYesYesYesYes
Investment$100/month$500/monthBother UsBother UsBother UsBother Us

Step 2 – Select an Engagement Model

Access to the community portal
Enhanced logic to auto-identify new cases of Waste, Opportunities for Improvement, and Risks
      Trends on testing approached and tools
      Trends on anti-patterns
      Changes to regulatory / compliance requirements
      Changes to popular development frameworks
      Observations and Findings
Review of manually created data to improve information integrity and User Experience Risks
      Opportunities for Improvement
      Planning Tasks
      Activities in the Delivery Process
      Technical Stack
Dedicated Customer Success Advocate
Quarterly Review & Recommendation Events
On-site Engagement with Leadership and Agilists
Get to Hang With Us Cool Kids

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